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50 years of Bond

My son got his first exposure to James Bond on Sunday with the 007 video montage that was shown at the Oscars. Questionably inappropriate material for a 5-year-old? Uh, yeah. But a piece of British culture that my husband eagerly wanted to pass down.

I couldn’t find said video montage online, but found this excellent look at the past 50 years of Bond.

Who’s your favorite James Bond? I have to say Daniel Craig is mine.


The Aston Martin of strollers

Aston Martin stroller

You can’t be too posh to push this pram! Photo credit: Silver Cross/PA


If your baby needs a posh ride, look no further than this new Aston Martin-designed pram (translation: stroller), which costs a cool £2,000. It makes the Orbit look positively primeval! The Silver Cross Surf – the Aston Martin Edition (how’s that for a name?!) will be available exclusively from Harrods beginning in April.

Missing London

London love

I just spotted this on the Boden Clothing Facebook and loved it!

For those of you who miss London, what do you miss most of all? I really miss London cabbies (black cabs!) and good fish and chips!

The next America’s Got Talent judge is British

Have you heard? The next “America’s Got Talent” judge (to replace Sharon Osborne) is …

Mel B


Yep, Scary Spice herself! Mel B!

I think this is a brilliant choice. Not only does she have a solid background in the entertainment business, but she’s already proven her chops as judge on “The X Factor” in Australia and was a guest judge on the U.K.’s “The X Factor” and “Britain’s Next Top Model.”

Best of all, she’s going to make it fun. She has a good personality (not in an affected Kardashian way) and I can see her working well alongside Howard and Howie.

Oscar Night

Shirley Bassey

Welsh singer Shirley Bassey at last night’s Oscars

Did you watch the Oscars last night?


Some of my favorite bits: Adele, the cast of “Les Miserables” performing “One More Day,” Ang Lee and Quentin Tarantino’s wins, Barbra Streisand’s “Memories” and  Argo clenching best picture. But best moment of the night goes to Dame Shirley Bassey. Utterly breathtaking at the age of 76. She looked and sounded beautiful! What an inspiring performance!

And happy 50th birthday to the James Bond franchise!

Oxford comma: Decried, defended, debated

I’ve blogged before about my love for the Oxford comma. I’ve just found an infographic that I had to share, which might be the last word on it.

Oxford comma infographic

How PBS can shorten their fund drive

LOL! This is an effective fundraising strategy.

Downton Abbey comic

DIY Lemon cheesecake delight

Sticky Fingers Bakery lemon curd

If you’ve never had lemon curd before, you’ve got to hop on the lemon curd train because man, it is delish! We bought this jar of Sticky Fingers Bakery Lemon Curd. It’s this tart, creamy, sweet concoction that is simply heavenly.

Typically lemon curd is reserved for scone territory, but I went on a limb and tried something with it a couple of weeks ago, which has become a steady favorite with the kids.

Call it DIY Lemon Cheesecake Delight without the water bath. You take a graham cracker (I use the Trader Joe’s honey graham crackers, which are just scrummy), top it with cream cheese and add a dollop of lemon curd. Voila! Instant amazing!

Lemon Cheesecake Delight

It doesn’t look like much but I dare you to eat just one.

Gap’s London postcard T

London postcard T

Gap’s London postcard T is adorable. Now on sale for $24.99. Gap also offers postcard T’s for Milan, New York City and San Francisco.

Downton Abbey and One Direction “What Makes You Beautiful” mashup

Love this.

Have a lovely Presidents’ Day!