DIY Lemon cheesecake delight

Sticky Fingers Bakery lemon curd

If you’ve never had lemon curd before, you’ve got to hop on the lemon curd train because man, it is delish! We bought this jar of Sticky Fingers Bakery Lemon Curd. It’s this tart, creamy, sweet concoction that is simply heavenly.

Typically lemon curd is reserved for scone territory, but I went on a limb and tried something with it a couple of weeks ago, which has become a steady favorite with the kids.

Call it DIY Lemon Cheesecake Delight without the water bath. You take a graham cracker (I use the Trader Joe’s honey graham crackers, which are just scrummy), top it with cream cheese and add a dollop of lemon curd. Voila! Instant amazing!

Lemon Cheesecake Delight

It doesn’t look like much but I dare you to eat just one.


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  1. yum. i will eat lemon curd out of the jar with a spoon, so i’m sure i would love this šŸ™‚

  2. Lovely on toast too! (Instead of marmalade.)

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