Flying to the U.K. with extra leg room

Hello! I am happy to report that we are back from our whirlwind trip to the U.K. and Paris and had a fabulous time!! I have so much to blog about for the next few weeks and lots of photos to share so stay tuned!

First things first! The plane ride! We flew Virgin Atlantic out of San Francisco Airport, which required a morning drive from Sacramento. Best thing we did? We booked long-term parking at Millbrae BART station, which was $6/day! So much cheaper than any park-and-sleep package I could find and a lot cheaper than long-term parking by the airport. My husband dropped me and the kids (and our luggage!) off at the airport first and then parked and took the BART to the airport (so we wouldn’t have to lug all of our luggage and stroller and kids with us on the BART, and we saved money on three BART tickets in the process). Win!

Now about that flight … well, we flew economy and splurged on extra leg room seats, which Virgin offers now for an added $50.

Was it worth it? Well, it was hard for me to tell (but I am 5′ 3″). My husband appreciated the extra legroom.




We haven’t flown internationally in a couple of years now and I was most startled not by the lack of leg room, but by the lack of food! My 3-year-old daughter ate an adult sized portion of pasta and bread, and was starving, as were we all! She refused the Gu mango and passionfruit cheesecake pot that was her dessert and so I quickly ate hers and mine.

Big mistake. Huge.

Within a couple of hours – in the complete serenity of our turbulence-free cabin – I became decidedly unwell. I actually vomited into my empty water glass and had to climb over the poor sleepy stranger victim, who was unlucky to be sitting next to me (and who was none too impressed and looked like Jonathan Rhys-Meyers) to get to the bathroom. My husband and son were sitting directly behind us since there weren’t a four-seats-in-a-row available to us in the extra-leg room section.

My husband asked if I had eaten the Gu. He hadn’t touched it since he thought it smelled spoiled. Neither did my son. Thankfully!

There wasn’t any ice cream, or after dinner Bailey’s (which I think of wistfully, when I think of flying Virgin years ago. The water and juice tray came around a couple of times. It actually didn’t matter since I couldn’t stomach anything after the Gu. Not even the skimpy muffin top breakfast that they brought around with coffee and tea. I was sick again.

But it didn’t matter. After ten hours or so, we touched down in London and I wasn’t going to let any Gu stop me from enjoying my holiday!

More tomorrow!


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  1. lovely… have a great holiday! =]
    hi, my blog is celebrating our 1yr blog birthday with an international giveaway with over S$1400 worth of prizes to be won!! Hope you will drop by and join our giveaway!

  2. There’s nothing worse then being sick on a plane (happened to me once on the way back from Hawaii), so sorry you had to go through that! Excited to hear about your trip though. šŸ™‚

  3. paulinewiles

    Oh, I’m so sorry, I wish I had known you were flying Virgin, I could have bored you silly with tips (although I would not have predicted the bad Gu, that’s awful). Yes, the food service is woefully lacking and I always take tonnes of my own food, then fall into Marks and Spencers at Terminal 3 for more. The so-called ‘breakfast’ annoys me most: it’s nothing but refined carbs and the first ingredient in that muffin is sugar. Weirdly, the food on the LHR-SFO segment is better, with an extra snack in the middle of the flight and some protein in the pre-landing offering. (But you’re back so you know that). My seat neighbour always gives me strange looks when I unpack my own mini picnics on these flights… but really, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do!

    • Yes, now I know you’ve got to come prepared! I think they could probably make a fortune by selling extra food boxes in economy like United do. They have a captive audience!

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