Daily Archives: 28, February 2013

50 years of Bond

My son got his first exposure to James Bond on Sunday with the 007 video montage that was shown at the Oscars. Questionably inappropriate material for a 5-year-old? Uh, yeah. But a piece of British culture that my husband eagerly wanted to pass down.

I couldn’t find said video montage online, but found this excellent look at the past 50 years of Bond.

Who’s your favorite James Bond? I have to say Daniel Craig is mine.


The Aston Martin of strollers

Aston Martin stroller

You can’t be too posh to push this pram! Photo credit: Silver Cross/PA


If your baby needs a posh ride, look no further than this new Aston Martin-designed pram (translation: stroller), which costs a cool £2,000. It makes the Orbit look positively primeval! The Silver Cross Surf – the Aston Martin Edition (how’s that for a name?!) will be available exclusively from Harrods beginning in April.