Daily Archives: 11, February 2013

Horsing around

AP Photo/Scott Heppell

Findus Beef Lasagne now with 100 percent more horse. AP Photo/Scott Heppell

Imagine tucking into a frozen lasagne, only to discover later that the 100 percent beef you were eating had trace amounts of horse meat.

And then imagine finding out even later that the so-called trace amount was actually more like 100 percent horse meat.

Such is the scandal that is rocking the U.K. in a country of horse lovers, and it doesn’t stop there. The horse meat that was labelled as beef has also appeared on other products made by Findus and Comigel, which have also been pulled from shelves across France. Investigations into the supply chain have found that the horse meat originated in Romania.

Here’s what I’ve learned since this story broke:

1. This is what horse meat looks like.
2. This is what horse meat tastes like.
3. These are the countries who like horse meat.
4. These are the health risks of eating horse meat.

I don’t know about you, but this story has really put me off lasagne. 🙂