Radio Times Christmas issue

Radio Times

There are few words to explain the allure of the Radio Times Christmas issue, which is on newsstands in Britain now. It’s just one of those traditional symbols of the season for Brits. Think TV Guide but bigger, better and packed with all of the juicy details about the Christmas programs that will be airing on British TV during the holidays.

Maybe it has something to do with the fact Brits only have five main TV channels (if you don’t have a Digibox) or the fact that British TV shows typically are limited runs (compared to American TV shows that continue on for years … I’m talking to you, Simpsons!), but there is genuine magic when Christmas rolls around and many of these shows that had ended (ie. “The Office” or “Only Fools and Horses”) have a Christmas episode (a reunion with our old friends on the telly!). This Christmas, there will be Christmas episodes for “Downton Abbey,” “The Royle Family,” and “Doctor Who,” as well as a new sequel to “The Snowman.”

There’s always the usual parade of Christmas movies and children’s programming and even the glorious cooking shows (Delia, Nigella, Jamie Oliver, etc.) serve as a tasty reminder of the season. The Radio Times details them all so you don’t miss a bit. It’s an enduring British tradition that I love this time of year.


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