Brits label the U.S. … incorrectly

Yeah, yeah, we know. Americans don’t know their geography. Europe’s complicated. Brits rule, right?

Ah, maybe not. asked some Brits to label states in a U.S. map and the results were quite shocking. And hilarious! Check out these amazing guesses.

Brits label U.S. map

Brits label U.S. map

Brits label U.S. map


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  1. To be fair to my countrymen a fairer test would be to get Americans to label the counties of the UK instead of the countries of Europe which should be generally more well known.

  2. can we play this at christmas? with a europe version too. would be funny?

  3. Could Americans label British counties?!

  4. These are wonderful. I definitely couldn’t get them all correct either, but I love some of the creative guesses!

  5. Oh, I’ve just found the one where they wrote ‘Walter White’ and ‘Starbucks’. Awesome.

  6. Lol….are those years of calling Americans dumb! Revenge!!

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