British teeth

Teeth brushing

At the risk of alienating half of my readers (note: I am convinced that discussing British teeth is #18 on the list of ways to annoy the British), I feel obliged to share the latest news item.

According to a survey by the British Dental Health Foundation

* Seven million Britons do not clean their teeth regularly

* One in seven admitted to leaving it two whole days before they picked up a toothbrush

* 21 per cent also said they forget to floss

Sacre bleu, right? But the study continues and expands into the general realm of common decency and hygiene:

* 25% forget to cover their mouth when coughing and fail to wash their hands after going to the toilet

* 7.5 million Britons also forget to shower daily

*Sighing and shaking my head* (and recognizing that a survey stateside would likely provide similar results)… What do you make of all of this?


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  1. Speaking as a Brit, I agree one hundred percent. There are some mucky buggers out there. I had the misfortune to have an employee some years ago who never cleaned his teeth or visited a dentist. He had breath that could drop an elephant at forty paces. I got past revulsion and nausea, and started to feel light-headed. Lovely!

  2. I do wonder who they find to answer survey questions sometimes. This Brit is well-flossed, teeth brushed, and showered! It would have been interesting to add a final question ‘Are you currently in a relationship?’!!

    • Gah! I do have to wonder if the statistic is somewhat smaller than the reality since many of those interviewed must be lying a bit to save face. Or maybe Brits are just more honest when answering a survey?!

  3. The flipside I guess is that Americans are teeth obsessed! Too much whitening going on over there. I’m in favour of clean and natural-looking!

  4. Having worked with too many Americans that chew tobacco I will not need to talk further on this subject.

    • Well, you could clarify that statement by replacing “Americans” with “Kentuckians.” I know of no tobacco chewers. I am a tobacco free zone.

      • I know multiple tobacco chewers — blech!!
        As for brushing, I can’t understand how anyone could go a full day without brushing their teeth. I’ve forgotten a toothbrush a couple times when traveling, and I still have to use toothpaste and my fingernail. Even then, I am sooooo happy to get home to a toothbrush.

  5. I understand that in Victorian times it was not unusual for brides to have all their teeth removed and a set of false teeth made as a wedding gift! The idea being that it would save money in the future! I can only speculate where the teeth came from that were used fot the dentures.

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