Oxford comma: Decried, defended, debated

I’ve blogged before about my love for the Oxford comma. I’ve just found an infographic that I had to share, which might be the last word on it.

Oxford comma infographic


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  1. I’ve never understood why we aren’t taught to use it in the UK. When I first started teaching EFL and had to teach it in writing classes, it was a revelation! It makes things so much clearer.

  2. I’m sure I was in a right tangle with this in my novel, since these days I hardly know whether I’m writing in British or American English, or somewhere in between. Happily, I had a wonderful proofreader who sorted me out. Since we opted to use consistently British English, I think she took them all out. In general, I think I sprinkle far, too, many, commas šŸ™‚

  3. Interesting! And good luck with the new book! I’m excited for you!

  4. My first grammar lesson: do not use a comma like that.

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