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Infographic: A look at British brekkie

Sorry for my lack of posts! This has been a ridiculously busy week!!

I wanted to share this great infographic about breakfast in the U.K., created by Thistle Hotels! It makes me hungry for breakfast right now!

Full English breakfast

Thanks to Lillie for sending!

Infographic: The history of high tea

I spotted this charming infographic by on Pinterest!

Infographic: history of high tea

Oxford comma: Decried, defended, debated

I’ve blogged before about my love for the Oxford comma. I’ve just found an infographic that I had to share, which might be the last word on it.

Oxford comma infographic

Infographic: How to make tea

How to make tea

I love this simple little infographic, detailing ways to make three different cups of tea, courtesy of Stephen Wildish.

How do you like your cuppa? I like a good builders’ tea, without the sugar!

Best of British infographic

I spotted this infographic on Pinterest and thought it was worth sharing! Have a happy Tuesday!

The full English (or Scottish, Welsh or Irish) infographic

I love this infographic by Tokketok that illustrates what a full English breakfast (or Scottish, Welsh or Irish breakfast) actually entails, in case there was ever any question. Actually there might be some items up for debate – for example, I was surprised to see that baked beans were not included in the full English. I’ve had breakfast at plenty of B&Bs and restaurants in Britain where the full English has included the beans. What do you think?