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Liberty + J. Crew = *sigh*

J. Crew has partnered with London’s Liberty for its spring line. Meet the gorgeousness that is the Margaret Annie floral.

I’m also digging the uber-feminine pink berry print.

Spring is in the air! I can feel it!


If Wes Anderson had been Welsh …

This weekend, I watched a British film called “Submarine” by writer/director Richard Ayoade. Have you heard of it?

I hadn’t and wasn’t sure what to expect. It turned out to be a good coming-of-age movie. Quirky, bittersweet and beautifully shot (and comes in at only 97 minutes, and so gets extra brownie points from me!), “Submarine” is what “Rushmore” would’ve been if Wes Anderson were Welsh (and as a side note, did you know that Wales is Wes Anderson’s middle name? Coincidence?!)

Ode to the Oxford comma

Let’s take a moment to give some love to the Oxford comma, which was traditionally used by printers, readers and editors at Oxford University Press.

Although the University of Oxford has officially dropped the Oxford comma in their style guide, there is still a case for keeping it around.

Below are two illustrative examples:

and …

Mini Boden goes big with union jack styles

Have you seen the spring line from Mini Boden USA?

I’m loving all of these pieces. They’ve gone really big with union jack items for boys this season – even including canvas union jack sneakers! Sadly, they haven’t shared the Britlove for girls (although there are some gorgeous floral numbers that I wish were available in grown-up sizes).

Get it while you can! These items are sure to sell out quickly!

Happy Burns Night

Haggis, clapshot and whisky sauce. Photo credit: BBC Food

Happy Burns Night!

Today is the day to celebrate the life and work of Scottish poet Robert Burns. It’s an evening to eat, drink, read great poetry (including my favorite Burns poem), play the pipes (particularly when “piping in the haggis” before sitting down and enjoying it) and finishing the night with a wee scotch. I have fond (but fuzzy) memories of Burns Night in Scotland, thanks to the gracious hospitality of Scottish friends who were keeping with tradition.

Check out a typical running order of the evening. I’ve always been particularly impressed by how scripted this dinner at home can be.

And if you have no idea what to cook for Burns Night, BBC Food has compiled an array of appropriate dishes (including some vegetarian options for the offalphobes in the house). Personally, I’ve only ever eaten the vegetarian version of haggis (and it really was delicious)!

A Room for London

Who wants to spend the night in a little boat house above Queen Elizabeth Hall overlooking the Thames River? Apparently, everyone!

The above one-bedroom architecture installation, “A Room for London” opened for bookings (from July to December 2012) at midday (translation: noon) last Friday and all nights were sold out in a matter of seconds.

Who could resist the central location, the stunning views and the chance to be a little part of London history? For more opportunities to holiday in this style of living architecture, check out or follow their Twitter.

American English vs. British English in one picture

A big thanks to @atlanticist for directing me to this:

Drag queen dancing 101

Meet the Globe Girls, a UK-based drag troupe. Photo credit: The Globe Girls

London is home to some pretty amazing drag queens, who could teach anyone a thing or two about wearing platform heels, applying false eyelashes and just being fabulous, dahling.

They are sharing some of their best-kept secrets in the Latin bar/restaurant Floridita in Soho. It’s called Drag Queen Dance Class, hosted by the Globe Girls, and it’s ever bit as amazing as you would imagine.

Give them 90 minutes and they’ll teach you how to workout in heels to some of Beyonce’s best pre-baby numbers, followed by a cocktail for £25. A lesson in lashes and walking in the highest of heels are included. More information here.

240 quintessentially British things

I am absolutely loving this print by BODIE and FOU. It lists 240 quintessentially British things and even includes a recipe for Victoria Sponge.

Sadly, they currently only deliver to the UK, France and Europe Zone 1. Hopefully that will change. It’s a fantastic print for any anglophile.

‘The Layover’ in London

Anthony Bourdain walking Marco Pierre White's dog in London. Photo credit: Travel Channel

Anthony Bourdain, I love you. Despite the fact that you’ve ruined my ability to appreciate hollandaise sauce at a restaurant, I forgive you and have faithfully read your books and watched “No Reservations” without, well, reservation.

When I heard about Travel Channel‘s latest incarnation, “The Layover,” where Anthony Bourdain spends 24 hours in any given city, I was all over it. And when I heard the London episode of “The Layover” was airing last weekend, well, ditto a hundred times over.

If you haven’t seen the episode yet, you can watch clips and see photos.

If you missed it, I am sure they will repeat it, but you can catch the highlights and one-liners, courtesy of