Cherry blossom in St. James’s Park

We spent last weekend visiting Washington, D.C. and was just in time to see all of the beautiful cherry blossom in bloom.

But … nothing was quite as stunning as this image shot by photographer Patrizia Ilaria Sechi in London’s St. James’s Park. Positively gobsmacking!

Cherry blossoms in St. James Park


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  1. That is a fabulous photograph! ~amy

  2. overwhelming pink dream

  3. this place is heavenly, need to pay st. jame’s park a visit soon. looks so peaceful. 🙂

  4. Goodness! Even if this pic has had a little extra pink tint applied, it’s still a fabulous photo. I used to work very close to St James Park. I wasn’t happy in my job so the park was a wonderful lunchtime escape for me.

  5. Beautful!

    I miss the cherry blossom festivals in Japan!

  6. so incredibly stunning! cherry blossoms are my favorite 🙂

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