Brits and their nits

I’ve just learned that my husband may have been exposed to nits. This is what he told me yesterday.

You know … Brits and their nits. That’s head lice in American lingo. I can’t decide which word is worst – lice? nits? But I think nits is it.

He doesn’t have it (yet), but the idea of it is making me itchy. Nits, bed bugs, scabies and lice. They all need to die. Or take up knitting as a sport instead of blood sucking. Gah.

(As an aside, Brits do have lice, but theirs is a “wood louse” or “wood lice,” better known in American as the ever lovable insect, the “roly-poly.”)


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  1. Woodlice, if you want a very localised term, in Berkshire in the south of England is known as a Cheeselog. Learn something everyday don’t ya!

  2. Could be worse…he could have BED BUGS! Ick….!

  3. Being infected with lice is the origin of feeling/ being lousy!

  4. Did he tell you about Nitty Nora the hair explorer?!

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