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10 best things about being a British woman


Adele knows it’s awesome to be a British woman.

So maybe the World Health Organization declared that British women had the second lowest life expectancies in Europe … at least they’re not Denmark! Can I get a high five?!

Check out Lauren Laverne’s thoughtful roundup of reasons why it’s still very cool to be a British woman (especially #3, #4 and #5!).


The Ultimate Map of Downton Abbey Locations

Calling all Downton Abbey fans! Want the inside scoop about their filming locations in the U.K.?

Meet “The Ultimate Map of Downton Abbey Locations,” the only online map of its kind from With over 70 filming locations across the U.K., you can stalk out every locale! Brilliant!

Consent, in tea terms

Anything can be explained in terms of tea. If you have any doubt, check out Thames Valley Police’s viral video explaining sexual consent! Totally amazing!

RIP Terry Wogan

Sir Terry Wogan

Very sad to hear about the passing of Sir Terry Wogan, BBC broadcasting legend and one of my favorite voices on British radio. 😦 RIP, Terry.