Where are you in line to the throne?

Royal baby

Now that the U.K.’s future king is here (third in line to the throne, you know), it begs the question: Where am I in line to the throne?

Well, wonder no more! Try this “Where am I in line to the throne” calculator.

I am apparently 12 millionth to the throne. (No big surprise there.) How about you?

Thanks to Mike from StandoutCVs.com for sending me this link!


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  1. I’m not sure where I am in the order – but I’m one place further back than I was on Monday!

  2. I’m one millionth

  3. Ha-ha! Ten thousandth, probably because I knew how many are in a polo team and my husband recently got a pilots license.
    Nice dig at the English class system!

  4. All hail the future monarch, who is 12 millionth in line!

  5. Lol I am 43 millionth in line to the throne

  6. He can’t even spell British right😂 Britrish is what he said

  7. its gone Now, I wanted to do this is there any other links

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