How to dress your dog like a Brit

Last week, I posted “How to dress your kids like Londoners” and before the metaphorical ink was dry, I could almost immediately hear the united sighs and bellows of American dogs everywhere, as if to say, “But what about us?”

In an effort of fairness, I’m happily submitting today’s post.

I haven’t put together a list of flat caps (or, heaven forbid, tiaras) or Sherlock Holmes costumes for dogs because I do think that a true British dog is far too noble and dignified for such things (American dogs, well, that’s a dog of a different color …).

Below is a collection of items that will bring out the British in your dog (regardless of whether he’s really a French poodle or an Irish setter).

Shown above, beginning to the right of the British bulldog puppy and moving clockwise: Union Jack Collar by Mascot, Furnam & Muttson Squeaky Dog Toy and British Flag Dog Bed by Jonathan Adler.

Have a fabulous weekend! Enjoy these last dog days of summer before fall sets in.


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  1. Okay, now I have to ask you, what breed of dog is the homogenized ‘American’ dog, d’you reckon?

  2. Actually, correction! Cockapoos are not as small as I thought and I would be hardpressed to fit one into a handbag! They were first bred in the US though so they are very American.

    • I just had to look up a Cockapoo as I’d never heard of that before! It does look cute but no, it doesn’t look as if it’d fit in a handbag.

      However did they get a spaniel interested in a poodle, though….

  3. What about a labradoodle!

  4. Or how about a Jackapoo! ( jJack Russell x Poodle) Many of these dogs are more expensive than the thoroughbreds.
    It is a fashion fad.

  5. Jackapoo! I haven’t heard of these but they are adorable.

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