Monthly Archives: July 2011

‘Ello There

It started with a conversation with a couple of friends … they were discussing their husbands’ fascination with guns and how they cope. I responded that I don’t have that problem because my husband is British and you know that they don’t have guns in Britain.

Well, they didn’t know that. They wanted to know more.

I proceeded to explain how the cops there don’t have them so the criminals don’t have them – well, not usually. The cops there do have lovely woollen uniforms, which they were also fascinated by, and who could blame them? And one thing led to another until they both determined that a blog was in order – one that would celebrate all of these little things about Britain that Americans might not know and teach them how they, too, could live like a Brit.

Did they have to be a Middleton? Did they have to marry a Beckham? And speaking of that, what exactly is bending it like Beckham? So many questions…

And so today I’ve launched, an online destination to get the skinny on all things British from an American perspective. I’m not British, but I am Britrish and the welcome mat is always out! Please feel free to contact me, leave a comment, suggest a story idea, or throw me a question. Let the fun begin!