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16 charming bookshops in the U.K. everyone must visit

Armchair Books

Armchair Books in Edinburgh

Armchair Books

Armchair Books

If you are an avid reader, be sure to check out’s “16 Charming Bookshops in the UK Everyone Must Visit.”

We used to live next door to Armchair Books in Edinburgh, a lovely little store which is #3 on the list.

“You could easily lose a weekend while nosing about the dreamy Armchair Books. Delve into stacks and stacks of inviting tomes at this Edinburgh institution. If you’re still on the fence, Armchair Books are also great value on Twitter. Plus their logo is a dinosaur reading!”

See the full list!


15 pie charts that explain how awkward British people are

I’m kind of loving’s genius compilation of pie charts. For example, this:

Why you won't open the window

And this:

Appropriate response when seeing coworker when commuting

And this:

You want Yorkshire pudding?

I really am British at heart. Sigh.

See the whole hot mess of pie charts here.

10 Things That Brits Don’t Realize Are Offensive to Americans

Stephen Fry

Last week, I blogged about BBC America’s “10 things that Americans don’t realize are offensive to Brits” so naturally we need to cover the other side and discuss the 10 things that Brits don’t realize are offensive to Americans (most of these are pretty self-evident, IMHO, including saying Americans are unsophisticated and criticizing America.) I think the typical British reserve (replying monosyllabically to an American’s “How are you?”) can often be perceived as rude. Are there others?

10 things that Americans don’t realize are offensive to Brits

Two fingers

Be sure not to confuse this with a peace sign, okay?

I’m enjoying this BBC America list of 10 things that Americans don’t realize our offensive to Brits — particularly taking our plates away and describing something as “quite” good! Anything they’ve missed?

29 people who make you proud to be British

Lino Richie

Raise a glass to these unsung British heroes. Each one is deserving in their own special way, from the chap who quoted Homer Simpson on the London Underground sign to the guy who photobombed David Cameron.

See the full list that was geniusly curated by Buzzfeed.

15 reasons to bloody love Wales

sheep on a leash

After posting the 25 reasons why we love Scotland list earlier this week and the 33 things that Brits do better than anybody else, it seems only fair to cover the 15 reasons to bloody love Wales!

Thanks, Buzzfeed, for putting this list together!

33 things Brits do better than everyone else

Black cabs has compiled their list of the 33 things that Brits do better than everyone else.

I think rock music should’ve been on the list (hello, Rolling Stones, Beatles, The Who, Ozzy Osbourne, Rod Stewart, Muse, and many more) but am glad they included #14, 15 and 28.

What do you think Brits do better than everyone else?

29 things the U.K. does that the U.S. needs to start doing

Mixing beer with cider

1. Mixing beer with cider

Get it together, America. Let’s start doing things bigger and better. Let’s do things the British way! Check out Buzzfeed’s list of 29 things that the U.K. does that the U.S. needs to start doing. I particularly agree with numbers 2, 22 and 27.

Thanks to Calibritish for blogging this one and to Buzzfeed for putting together this smashing list!

17 ways to annoy a British person

Bless you, Buzzfeed, for posting this list of 17 ways to annoy a British person and for being so very spot on, especially #1 and #2! Also love #15:

How to annoy a British person

Read the list and feel free to add to the list in the comments here!