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Close to 100,000 protest in Women’s March in London

Women's March London



Wow – what an inspiring, historic turnout of protestors across the globe yesterday! London, alone, had close to 100,000 protestors in opposition to Donald Trump’s presidency, which included London mayor Sadiq Khan.

London, I love you!

Watch the video!

‘Piss poll’ in London pub

Three Stags in South London


Three Stags in South London have been hosting a “piss poll” of the top three Republican candidates – Donald Drumpf), Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio – in the men’s room. (Ladies, they also offer an opportunity to vote at @thethreestags). Votes are scheduled to be tallied today …

Brits label the U.S. … incorrectly

Yeah, yeah, we know. Americans don’t know their geography. Europe’s complicated. Brits rule, right?

Ah, maybe not. asked some Brits to label states in a U.S. map and the results were quite shocking. And hilarious! Check out these amazing guesses.

Brits label U.S. map

Brits label U.S. map

Brits label U.S. map

“My favorite country would combine the best of the U.S. and the U.K.”

Great Gatsby

Gatsby’s ‘extraordinary capacity for hope’ could be useful in Britain, says Sophie Heawood. Photograph: Courtesy of Warner Bros

Check out Sophie Heawood’s column in the Guardian about her favorite parts of the U.S. and the U.K.

She starts, “If you’ve lived between the US and the UK, as I have done in recent years, it can be hard to pin down which country you love more. At times, I yearn to go back and live on the West Coast, where the smiles were wider, the sun was brighter, and everyone believed in the dream of a dream at least. At other times I’m greatly relieved to be in London, with the cold comforts of sarcasm and rain, the reassuring presence of doctors who don’t ask to see your credit card, and the absence of cheerleaders and the NRA. (And cheerleading for the NRA.)”

Too true, Sophie! After returning from vacationing in Disneyland last week, I’m reminded of the bold and unapologetic optimism that surrounds such a place. It’s so American! Read on…

29 things the U.K. does that the U.S. needs to start doing

Mixing beer with cider

1. Mixing beer with cider

Get it together, America. Let’s start doing things bigger and better. Let’s do things the British way! Check out Buzzfeed’s list of 29 things that the U.K. does that the U.S. needs to start doing. I particularly agree with numbers 2, 22 and 27.

Thanks to Calibritish for blogging this one and to Buzzfeed for putting together this smashing list!

Staching up for Movember

David Beckham, Tom Hanks and Nick Cannon are just a few who are celebrating Movember this year.

I just looked at the calendar and realized that we are nearly smack-dab in the middle of Movember and I haven’t even blogged about it yet.

If you’re new to Movember, here’s the skinny: It’s a movement designed to raise awareness of prostate and testicular cancer. Also known as “No-Shave November,” the goal is to keep the razors at bay for the full month of November. It actually began in Australia but has since taken the world by storm.

I must admit that I have known quite a few Brits who have done (and continue to do it) each November, but haven’t seen the same enthusiasm stateside. What do you think? Is this still taking off in the US?