33 things Brits do better than everyone else

Black cabs

Buzzfeed.com has compiled their list of the 33 things that Brits do better than everyone else.

I think rock music should’ve been on the list (hello, Rolling Stones, Beatles, The Who, Ozzy Osbourne, Rod Stewart, Muse, and many more) but am glad they included #14, 15 and 28.

What do you think Brits do better than everyone else?


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  1. They need to take Harry Potter off the list because it was created by an American. “MALFOY” is an anagram for “of Amy L”…and that is me.

  2. paulinewiles

    Love Amy’s comment 🙂
    Yes, 28 is great but I also love the mentions of sexy spies, sarcasm and self-deprecation (if that’s even a word!)
    You always find such cool links… thank you…

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