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15 pie charts that explain how awkward British people are

I’m kind of loving’s genius compilation of pie charts. For example, this:

Why you won't open the window

And this:

Appropriate response when seeing coworker when commuting

And this:

You want Yorkshire pudding?

I really am British at heart. Sigh.

See the whole hot mess of pie charts here.


Quiz: How well do you know your U.S. geography?

US geography

Think you know your U.S. geography? Take’s quiz and see how you do.

I scored a paltry 7 out of 16! (I’m wondering if Brits would fare better or worse on this quiz!)

The 23 most wonderfully Scottish things that have ever happened

Feral goats

I lived in Scotland for two years and it remains one of my favorite places on the planet! And so I really loved this list of the 23 most wonderfully Scottish things that have ever happened. Particularly numbers 1, 10 and 20.