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10 Things That Brits Don’t Realize Are Offensive to Americans

Stephen Fry

Last week, I blogged about BBC America’s “10 things that Americans don’t realize are offensive to Brits” so naturally we need to cover the other side and discuss the 10 things that Brits don’t realize are offensive to Americans (most of these are pretty self-evident, IMHO, including saying Americans are unsophisticated and criticizing America.) I think the typical British reserve (replying monosyllabically to an American’s “How are you?”) can often be perceived as rude. Are there others?


20 weird things about America that Americans don’t realize

Easy cheese

Who knew there was anything particularly hard about cheese? Brits will never understand the comfort of cheese in an aerosol bottle.

This list about 20 weird things about America that American’s don’t realize has been making the rounds and it’s good. Particularly #5, #10 and #14. I thought I would share it here! Enjoy!

Numbers confuse Americans

It’s a simple fact. Numbers confuse Americans in the U.K. Watch and see!

Thanks to @ukyankeedotcom for the lead!