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TV map to Britain

TV map of Britain

Thank you, Tim Ritz, for creating a very detailed map for every fan of British TV! This is pretty genius! Click the map for a closer view.

20 signs you were born and raised in Scotland

Scottish piper

I spent a couple of years living in Scotland – the first year in Stirling, the second in Edinburgh – but I feel almost Scottish born.

Well, apart from the fact I look not-at-all Scottish and can’t speak with a Scottish accent or play the bagpipes. But … but … in spirit, I’m SO Scottish. Love the people, love the music, love the pubs, love the weather most of the time!

How about you? Read these 20 signs you were born and raised in Scotland and see where you land.

The United States of LEGO



Have you seen these Lego scenes as captured by Canadian photographer Jeff Friesen? He has done a “brick tour” in his new coffee table book of all 50 states in the U.S. Take a sneak peek! I would love to see this extended to the U.K.





New Mexico

New Mexico

Quiz: How well do you know your U.S. geography?

US geography

Think you know your U.S. geography? Take’s quiz and see how you do.

I scored a paltry 7 out of 16! (I’m wondering if Brits would fare better or worse on this quiz!)

Brits label the U.S. … incorrectly

Yeah, yeah, we know. Americans don’t know their geography. Europe’s complicated. Brits rule, right?

Ah, maybe not. asked some Brits to label states in a U.S. map and the results were quite shocking. And hilarious! Check out these amazing guesses.

Brits label U.S. map

Brits label U.S. map

Brits label U.S. map

A West Country map

West Country Map

I was amused by this – and I think my West Country friends and relatives will be, too!

32 Things You Might Not Know About London

Think you know all you need to know about London?

Well, check out this list, courtesy of Buzzfeed. Things like …

Westbourne, London's lost river


The Tyburn lost river

Britain: Accept no imitations

Britain: Accept no imitations

I spotted this on and wanted to share this little bit of obvious British propaganda! 😉

What’s the difference between United Kingdom, Great Britain and England?

I saw this on Pinterest and thought it was a very useful info graphic, courtesy of Sala!

UK, GB and England