20 signs you were born and raised in Scotland

Scottish piper

I spent a couple of years living in Scotland – the first year in Stirling, the second in Edinburgh – but I feel almost Scottish born.

Well, apart from the fact I look not-at-all Scottish and can’t speak with a Scottish accent or play the bagpipes. But … but … in spirit, I’m SO Scottish. Love the people, love the music, love the pubs, love the weather most of the time!

How about you? Read these 20 signs you were born and raised in Scotland and see where you land.


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  1. I was in Scotland last week (Trossachs mainly, but also a couple of days in Edinburgh) and can relate to these. Especially the ones about weather! We had a beautiful weather when we climbed Ben Lomond and atrocious when we came back down!

    #13 is wrong, btw. Scottish banknotes aren’t legal tender.

  2. oh, and #19. My ex-wife (who wasn’t Scottish) always referred to the pharmacy chain as “Bootses” which is just bizarre. And annoying.

  3. I lived in Aberdeen from age 3 – 11; I think a few of these might apply south of the border too (except, of course, cheering any team playing against England). But I was disappointed to see no mention of the famous Aberdeen Buttery, possibly the finest breakfast food ever invented.

    • Pauline, I am googling Aberdeen Buttery right now since I’ve never even heard of it (admittedly I’ve only been to Aberdeen once)…Ruby, yes, you never know what you’re going to get weather wise (although I found Edinburgh to be incredibly dry compared to Glasgow, which seemed to rain every time I visited).

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