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A West Country map

West Country Map

I was amused by this – and I think my West Country friends and relatives will be, too!


12 places you’d never believe were in the U.K.

Check out Buzzfeed’s collection of top 12 places you’d never know we’re in the U.K. (including spots that are dead ringers for Italy, Greece, India and New Zealand.)

Free Willy from Cornwall

Free Willy from Cornwall. He must have gotten lost.

I thought it was odd when the earthquake hit Cornwall last weekend. But today, when news broke that killer whales were spotted near Padstow? *Cue ‘Twilight Zone’ music* Just what in tarnation is going on in the West Country?

What next? Locusts? Unicorns? Dodos?

Distraught, I turned to for the real scoop.

Strangely enough, I couldn’t find any news about the whales or the earthquake, although I was able to find an interesting story headlined “Man Arrested After Late Night Rant.”

Perhaps, I’ll wake up tomorrow and learn that I’ve just dreamt it all.

All shook up

Bodmin - Before Earthquake

Bodmin - After Earthquake

An earthquake in Cornwall? Who knew?

Well, apparently they do happen – and one  struck  the town of Bodmin early Sunday morning, registering 2.2 and lasting a few seconds, according to news reports.

I’ve lived through quite a few earthquakes here in California, but can’t recall anything along a 2.2. It’s the kind of geologic activity that probably doesn’t make big news here and makes me realize that I really am a hardened Californian at heart. I can’t help referencing the earthquake scene in “L.A. Story.”