Numbers confuse Americans

It’s a simple fact. Numbers confuse Americans in the U.K. Watch and see!

Thanks to @ukyankeedotcom for the lead!

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  1. For a triple digit number I would usually say “digit double digit”. I have occasionally heard “triple digit” but this is confusing.

    UK speakers will also often say ‘O’ for zero – I don’t think Americans do this.

    Would a US speaker understand a time given as “half past twelve” (or even the abbreviation “half twelve”)? And how about the chip shop order of “cod and chips twice”?

    • Regarding Ruby’s comment: My husband told me specifically ‘Don’t say “nought point something in your math class. No one will know what you are talking about.” And “half twelve” completely mystifies him.

    • Good examples, Ruby. I know I still say “O” for zero (at least when phone numbers are concerned).

      I don’t think most Americans understand “half twelve.” I was stunned when I heard Brits actually use the term “fortnight.”

      Annov, I LOLed about “nought point something.” Brits like their noughts (I still laugh that they call it “noughts and crosses” instead of “tic tac toe”).

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