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Consent, in tea terms

Anything can be explained in terms of tea. If you have any doubt, check out Thames Valley Police’s viral video explaining sexual consent! Totally amazing!

Unicycling Darth Vadar goes Scottish with flaming bagpipes

Yes, you read that right! It could only happen in Portland! *Sigh* I ♥ Portland!

End Marmite neglect

Have you seen this?

I’ll admit I might be getting a visit shortly. I find that American toast is a sad sort of substitute for the kind of perfect British bread that had served as the every day vehicle for Marmite spread on our visit to the U.K. this spring.

Is your Marmite well kept or does it need to be freed?

Thanks to Lillie for the email!


Man vs. British Airways plane

South African rugby player Bryan Habana famously raced a cheetah. Watch how he does against British Airways’ new A380.

Numbers confuse Americans

It’s a simple fact. Numbers confuse Americans in the U.K. Watch and see!

Thanks to @ukyankeedotcom for the lead!

Where are your people from?

I had to share this – it’s ridiculously accurate, at least from my personal experience!

Ever have one of these encounters?

What is love?

Happy Valentine’s Day! I had to share this video that I watched this morning – a tremendous reminder of the power of love. *Sigh*

Britain is …

Tate Britain has launched a new promo video, which begs the question … what is Britain?