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I like Marmite


When we visited the U.K. last month, I discovered Marmite. Yep, the love-it-or-hate-it yeast extract is now my boo.

I had tried it about 10 years before and I fell strongly into the “hate” camp. But this time around? It blew my socks off with its unami goodness! Paired with buttered toast and a perfect dippy egg, it became my favorite breakfast.

I bought some to take home and have continued the love affair on this side of the Atlantic. If you’ve never tried it, pick up some at CostPlus World Market and let me know what you think!

Oxford Circus tube station goes Gatsby

To promote the release of the new “Great Gatsby,” Oxford Circus tube station has taken an Art Deco turn!

Great Gatsby Oxford Circus Tube Station

Great Gatsby Oxford Circus Tube Station

Thanks to Buzzfeed for this find!

Postie problems

A friend posted this to Facebook and it did make me smile! Had to share it with you!

Royal Mail letter

Stateside Candy Company

Stateside Candy Co.

Americans who are homesick for their favorite candies can get them delivered in the U.K. now, thanks to the Stateside Candy Company.

The selection is impressive, including Hershey’s and Twizzlers, Life Savers, Willy Wonka candies, salt water taffy, Mike and Ike’s, jumbo gummy bears and the list goes on and on! Grocery items like American cereals, pancake mixes, cookies, cake mixes and barbecue sauces are also offered. U.K. delivery charges start at £4.50.

A Mother’s Love or Something Like It

Happy Mother’s Day! Loved this blog post and wanted to share.

Everything I Know about the UK... I Learned from the BBC

On Mother’s Day, one would normally expect to see inspiring tributes to patient, selfless mums.


But when I started scanning my telly memory for heartwarming mother-child moments, I’m afraid I came up a bit short.  What I kept finding  instead were mothers and their grown children at odds.  From colicky babies to toddler tantrums to teenage rebellion, mothers love their sons and daughters dearly, even when they aren’t very likable.  And in turn, children do exactly as they are supposed to – they grow up and apart which makes us proud and terribly sad simultaneously.

I’ll be honest.  Being a mother has been the most wonderful thing I’ve ever been a part of despite being comprised of some of the most painful, frustrating moments of my life.  So on this Mother’s Day, look at this list and feel better about your relationship with your own children. That’s what we all really…

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Jam tarts

When we visited my mother in law in Devon, she made a lovely pie for dessert and had some extra pastry. What did she do with it? She whipped up a batch of jam tarts!


The kids loved them. All you need is some pastry and a dollop of strawberry jam (or really any flavor you like). Easy peasy! Aren’t they pretty?

The Bluth’s frozen banana stand is in London

Bluth's frozen banana stand

Attention, “Arrested Development” fans! The Bluth’s frozen banana stand is in London right now! It will continue to pop up in different places around the capitol until May 21 to promote the fourth season of “Arrested Development,” which kicks off May 26. LOVE IT!

Thanks to Buzzfeed for reporting on this!

Anniversary dinner at Ode


Interior of Ode

One of the highlights of our recent trip to England was celebrating our 14th wedding anniversary at Ode in Shaldon, which has been named UK’s most sustainable restaurant by the Sustainable Restaurant Association.

The food was absolutely amazing, delicious, fresh and exciting from beginning to end. Service was friendly and helpful (owner Tim Bouget was lovely!). And all of this for a great price! Our wedding anniversary fell on a Wednesday and Ode features a reduced price menu on Wednesdays: three courses for 29 pounds! We added a couple of glasses of kir royale to start and a very pleasant French white wine to accompany our main courses.

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Helen Mirren reprises her royal role in “The Audience”

If you loved Helen Mirren in “The Queen,” you will adore her in “The Audience,” which premieres at the National Theatre in London on June 15.

Want to buy a Scottish island?

Tanera Mor

Got $2.5 million and not quite sure how to spend it? How about buying the Scottish island of Tanera Mor? It’s now on the market!