Stateside Candy Company

Stateside Candy Co.

Americans who are homesick for their favorite candies can get them delivered in the U.K. now, thanks to the Stateside Candy Company.

The selection is impressive, including Hershey’s and Twizzlers, Life Savers, Willy Wonka candies, salt water taffy, Mike and Ike’s, jumbo gummy bears and the list goes on and on! Grocery items like American cereals, pancake mixes, cookies, cake mixes and barbecue sauces are also offered. U.K. delivery charges start at £4.50.


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  1. If I were to move back to England, I’d miss some Trader Joes products terribly. But I can’t think of any candy which would make my can’t-live-without list. Although I am rather partial to a PayDay!

    • I’m not big on candy in the U.S. either! I guess I’m partial to a Snickers, but don’t think I would import it if I was in the U.K. where the good chocolate is!

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