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Postie problems

A friend posted this to Facebook and it did make me smile! Had to share it with you!

Royal Mail letter

Return to sender

Royal Mail

This week, a Christmas card reappeared in my mailbox – a card I had sent on Dec. 3 to friends in the U.K.

Nearly two months later to the day, it was sent back with a simple “Addressee unknown,” even though the address was technically correct. The only things missing were the post code and county (but honestly, Royal Mail workers are usually amazing super sleuths. I’ve heard stories of mail getting to its correct location in the U.K. with little more than the person’s name, the house name (Brits love to name their house! Things like “Woodlynch” and “Swallow’s Peak” and really anyone can name their house anything in the world they like! Imagine that!) and the post code.

Not sure what happened this time around, but disappointing nonetheless!

Dec. 9th

Procrastinators, start your engines!

We are exactly 10 days from this year’s international mail deadline – Dec. 9th (i.e. the last possible day that you can mail from the U.S. to the United Kingdom and ensure that it gets there by Dec. 25). My list is long, which is why this blog post is short today.

Yeah, I think I know how Santa feels.