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Introducing Flormite


This came up in my Facebook feed this morning:

Introducing Flormite, the perfect Flora and Marmite pairing in 1 tub. Available in light, medium or dark – how strong will you go?

Aw, I know this was an April Fools joke, but I really wish it wasn’t…


End Marmite neglect

Have you seen this?

I’ll admit I might be getting a visit shortly. I find that American toast is a sad sort of substitute for the kind of perfect British bread that had served as the every day vehicle for Marmite spread on our visit to the U.K. this spring.

Is your Marmite well kept or does it need to be freed?

Thanks to Lillie for the email!

A gift for the Marmite lover

Marmite Cookbook

I’ve blogged a few times now about my newfound love for Marmite, right?

Well, one of my most excellent birthday gifts last week was a jar of Marmite and The Marmite Cookbook by Paul Hartley.

I had no idea this book existed, but I cannot wait to start cooking with Marmite. Recipes are as varied as Savory Waffles with Pumpkin and Pancetta to Marmite Corn Fritters. Many of the recipes just use a teaspoon of Marmite to elevate an ordinary recipe into something quite extraordinary. A must for the Marmite lover in your life!

I like Marmite


When we visited the U.K. last month, I discovered Marmite. Yep, the love-it-or-hate-it yeast extract is now my boo.

I had tried it about 10 years before and I fell strongly into the “hate” camp. But this time around? It blew my socks off with its unami goodness! Paired with buttered toast and a perfect dippy egg, it became my favorite breakfast.

I bought some to take home and have continued the love affair on this side of the Atlantic. If you’ve never tried it, pick up some at CostPlus World Market and let me know what you think!