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A Mother’s Love or Something Like It

Happy Mother’s Day! Loved this blog post and wanted to share.

Everything I Know about the UK... I Learned from the BBC

On Mother’s Day, one would normally expect to see inspiring tributes to patient, selfless mums.


But when I started scanning my telly memory for heartwarming mother-child moments, I’m afraid I came up a bit short.  What I kept finding  instead were mothers and their grown children at odds.  From colicky babies to toddler tantrums to teenage rebellion, mothers love their sons and daughters dearly, even when they aren’t very likable.  And in turn, children do exactly as they are supposed to – they grow up and apart which makes us proud and terribly sad simultaneously.

I’ll be honest.  Being a mother has been the most wonderful thing I’ve ever been a part of despite being comprised of some of the most painful, frustrating moments of my life.  So on this Mother’s Day, look at this list and feel better about your relationship with your own children. That’s what we all really…

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