Ripped from the headlines …

Take notes! This is appropriate acceptance award attire when you are presented with a Celebrity Mum of the Year award by a man in a fox suit representing Foxy Bingo.

The humor gods have been busy the past 24 hours. The proof is in the news headlines:

Exhibit A: After her revealing appearance at The Hunger Games premiere, Katie Price goes for a more family-friendly look as she’s named Celebrity Mum of the Year

Exhibit B: Mother finally allows five-year-old son to have haircut after playground bullying

Exhibit C: ‘Batman’ keeps watchful eye on southern Slovak town

Exhibit D: The first unflattering, awkward and comical photo of the Duchess of Cambridge

And lastly …

Exhibit E: Everest is in the UK! Survey reveals Britons’ shocking lack of knowledge on their own country

(Yes, I know it’s funny to laugh at Americans’ lack of geography, but according to this study, 20 percent of Britons don’t know which countries comprise the United Kingdom and these weren’t pageant competitors.)

Enjoy and have a great weekend!


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  1. Batman looks like the scary rabbit from Donnie Darko!

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