Daily Archives: 29, March 2012

Draw Something

Last weekend, I discovered Draw Something, the latest Pictionary-style app.

It’s tremendously fun and hilarious and kind of creative – like Pictionary itself, but I’m finding that there are some challenges when playing with Brits.

First case in point:

The word was “Coach.”

Now in my mind, I’d have to draw a sports coach. Whistle. Cap. Smoke coming out of his ears.

But for my mother-in-law, the picture was simple: a bus.

Second case in point:

The word was “pong.”

I’m imagining the old-school computer game. Ball. Rectangle thingy. Done.

My mother-in-law draws a nose and some odor-implying squiggles.

And so Draw Something is a particularly head-scratching yet funny game to play with Brits. Challenge one today!