Daily Archives: 8, March 2012

The missing piece of the puzzle

Last night, a tiny puzzle piece got pushed underneath one of our very heavy bookcases.

What could we do?

Well, we tried using paper since it was thin enough to slide under there but it wasn’t sturdy enough to push the piece out. Then we tried the vacuum. It vacuumed up a lot of dust – no puzzle piece. Lastly, my husband asked me to bring a kitchen knife.

Don't let the knifeyness confuse you. This is not a kitchen knife.

“You mean a steak knife?” I asked.

“No, you know, a kitchen knife,” he answered.

And so I immediately looked to the big butcher block of knives and grabbed for the longest ginsu wannabe knife that we have.

“I’ve got a really long knife we could try,” I announced.

“No, not a butcher knife … you know, a food knife.”

“What are you talking about? A food knife? WTH is a food knife? Aren’t all knives food knives?!”

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