Gum as art

Artist Ben Wilson works in an unusual medium: chewing gum.

Check out some of his art on the Millennium Bridge in London, made of discarded gum (bleeech!) and a little vision! So whimsical!

Scroll down to see all of his mini masterpieces – my favorite is the last one!)


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  1. Neat! Have you ever visited the gum wall in Seattle?

    Btw BriTrish, how can you tell us about all these awesome British things and keep Charlie Hunnam a secret? He’s one of the best things you guys have exported from there! I just started watching Sons of Anarchy recently and discovered him. Wow!

    • I’ve never been to Seattle! And still haven’t seen Sons of Anarchy (I’m still all consumed with catching up on Breaking Bad) but I’ve heard good things. I loved Charlie Hunman in Queer as Folk (the UK version, which was very good) and Cold Mountain, too. Will have to check out the show!!

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