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Downton Abbey-esque manors

These British cottages and country homes are truly Downton Abbey-esque! Perfect places for a mini-break!

Downton Abbey Infographic

Infographic courtesy of Cumbrian Cottages.

A West Country map

West Country Map

I was amused by this – and I think my West Country friends and relatives will be, too!

Lost property at Transport for London

TFL Lost Property office

Time Out London published a fascinating story about lost property items at Transport for London. In the last year, 246,241 items were handed in from buses, tubes and black cabs.

That’s …

51,000 books/documents/travel passes
35,000 bags
35,000 articles of clothing
29,000 valuables (purses, wallets, cameras, cash, iPads etc.)
27,000 phones
12,000 umbrellas
11,000 sets of keys
6,000 gloves
5,000 bits of jewelery

TFL Lost Property office

TFL Lost Property office

TFL Lost Property office

Check out more of the photos!

The 21 greatest moments in the life of a Londoner

You sound like you're from London

I like’s list of the 21 greatest moments in the life of a Londoner. It makes me yearn to be back in the city a little bit (particularly the joys of number 1, 3 and 21).

32 Things You Might Not Know About London

Think you know all you need to know about London?

Well, check out this list, courtesy of Buzzfeed. Things like …

Westbourne, London's lost river


The Tyburn lost river

20 London bars you should have been to by now

World's End

World’s End

Where has this list been all of my life? Check out’s roundup of the 20 best most interesting London bars, including the World’s End, allegedly the largest pub in the world (not to be confused with the latest movie by Simon Pegg).

The joy of Ikea

How was your three-day weekend (for the Americans in the room)? If your weekend was anything like mine, it was over much too quickly!

Yesterday we went to Ikea, which was busy busy busy with a good international crowd. It seemed like no matter which direction we turned, there was someone speaking a different language – all united by one Swedish furniture store.

I couldn’t help but notice the international flavor of the prints on display, as well. London, as well as Paris and New York City, were showcased in a big way:


Motif created by Greg Stott. Mounted picture. $49.99

Piccadilly Night

Motif created by Leo Dolan. Mounted. $49.99


Motif created by Tom Frazier. Printed on canvas. $19.99

We didn’t buy any new prints on this shopping trip, but we did get a new mattress, some espresso cups, a kids’ rug, some of these and a few other small bits and bobs. One thing to note: Ikea has discontinued its offer of 1% off your next order when paying with a debit card! (I wish we had known about this before we finished checking out…)

21 people you meet while flying


I am sure that I have met everyone on this Buzzfeed list!

Man vs. British Airways plane

South African rugby player Bryan Habana famously raced a cheetah. Watch how he does against British Airways’ new A380.

The best places to visit in the U.K.

Last month, MSN Travel asked site visitors to send in their photos of their favourite places in Britain – be it hotels, restaurants, beaches, castles or views.

Check out their top 30 photos that made them say, “I want to go to there.”