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New London tube map for walkers

London Tube walking map
Transport for London has just unveiled its new London Tube map, which shows how long it takes to walk to stations (so you can finally make an educated decision on whether it IS faster to walk versus take the Tube.) As a side note, it’s been my experience that it’s ALWAYS faster to walk when you’re up against the Circle Line, but that is neither here nor there …

Here is the full map for your viewing pleasure!


Lost property at Transport for London

TFL Lost Property office

Time Out London published a fascinating story about lost property items at Transport for London. In the last year, 246,241 items were handed in from buses, tubes and black cabs.

That’s …

51,000 books/documents/travel passes
35,000 bags
35,000 articles of clothing
29,000 valuables (purses, wallets, cameras, cash, iPads etc.)
27,000 phones
12,000 umbrellas
11,000 sets of keys
6,000 gloves
5,000 bits of jewelery

TFL Lost Property office

TFL Lost Property office

TFL Lost Property office

Check out more of the photos!

24 London Underground signs that will brighten your day

London Underground sign

I’m not sure whose job it is to come up with these lovely little morsels of wisdom on the London Underground, but I used to love seeing them (on the rare times that I would see them). It certainly brightened my morning slog of a commute! Keep up the great work, Transport for London!