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Crisp sandwich, anyone?

crisp sandwich

Leave it to the British masterminds who created the chip butty (fries in a roll) to also attempt the crisp (translation: potato chip) sandwich.

Yes, crisp sandwiches are now being sold at the Stock Exchange Bakery in Bristol. The bakery offers patrons the choice of granary bread or a white bun (baked fresh on the premises! and I’ve blogged before about how granary bread is the Best Bread on the Planet!) and a choice of 20 different crisps (the Brits have so much variety in flavors from roast beef to prawn cocktail and everything in between) to put inside. All this for £2.50 each. The Bristol Post reports that they’ve had queues around the block!

Not since this sandwich have I been so intrigued. Sigh. Will someone report on this from across the pond? Is it as good as it sounds?

Lunch for one (anglophile)

A few weeks ago, I blogged about my search for the right bento box – and found one that fit the bill. Not only was it a good lunch solution but it doubled as a London double decker bus.

So, what about British lunch bags, I could hear you ask. How about this?

You know how I feel about union jack items – LOVE THEM. This little insulated neoprene lunch bag by Dabba Walla is machine washable, stain resistant and perfect for holding your your little (or big) anglophile’s lunch (ie. cheese ploughman’s, scotch eggs, crisps, pudding, etc.).

A British bento box

I’ve been shopping for bento boxes this week for my son, in the hopes of taming our daily use of ziplock bags and adding some fun to the standard (yawn!) packed lunch.

Look what I found! At first glance, it looks like a double decker London bus! But take a closer look!

And it comes complete with London bus chopsticks …