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Crisp sandwich, anyone?

crisp sandwich

Leave it to the British masterminds who created the chip butty (fries in a roll) to also attempt the crisp (translation: potato chip) sandwich.

Yes, crisp sandwiches are now being sold at the Stock Exchange Bakery in Bristol. The bakery offers patrons the choice of granary bread or a white bun (baked fresh on the premises! and I’ve blogged before about how granary bread is the Best Bread on the Planet!) and a choice of 20 different crisps (the Brits have so much variety in flavors from roast beef to prawn cocktail and everything in between) to put inside. All this for £2.50 each. The Bristol Post reports that they’ve had queues around the block!

Not since this sandwich have I been so intrigued. Sigh. Will someone report on this from across the pond? Is it as good as it sounds?


The hunt for granary loaf

Finding granary bread is a Holy Grail kind of search in the U.S.

As I understand it, the flour can’t be sourced in the U.S. and the secret is deeply guarded in the U.K. There are plenty of imposters, but nothing like a hearty granary loaf with a crisp crust and a complex, malty, nutty and duvet-soft interior. It will literally revolutionize your idea of wheat bread, if you’re a white-bread-is-always-better believer.

I’m definitely going to buy some granary flour the next time we’re in the U.K.!