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Hot cross buns – one a penny, two a penny

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but we are in the last week of Hot Cross Bun season — the final stretch.

Well, at least the Brits in the room are probably well aware. For Americans, well, it’s been a season of abominations. I’ve come across all kinds, including sweet dinner rolls studded with red and green fruit, others with lemon curd-like stuff where the dough cross should have been. The devil’s spawn in bread form.

It’s been enough to draw us into the kitchen. My husband has already made two batches of hot cross buns from a Delia Smith recipe (from her “Complete Cookery Course” cookbook) and it really has been a revelation. Is it easy? Not by any stretch of the imagination. But is it worth it? Oh yes!

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Hot cross bun pudding

On this Good Friday, I present to you one singular vision. Yes, I’m talking about hot cross bun pudding, found on The Pretty blog. I never have uneaten hot cross buns, just laying around, getting stale for such a dish, but if I did, I think this would be the way to go! Thanks to Ally from A Girl and Her Fork for the tip!

Hot cross bun pudding

Hot cross bun season

Spring is on its way! My favorite harbinger of the season? Hot cross buns!

Hot cross buns

We bought a dozen of them from Panera, toasted them under the broiler, slathered them in butter and topped with sharp cheddar cheese (it’s a Yorkshire tradition). It brought back memories of my first Easter back in the U.K. 20 years ago (introduced to me by my former Yorkshire flatmate). Good times …

Hot cross buns

When I was about five and first learning how to play the piano, one of my first songs was “Hot Cross Buns.” What were these things, I wondered. Cinnamon buns with an icing cross on top? The visuals in the songbook looked good enough to eat.

But it wasn’t until about fifteen years later that I actually had my first real hot cross bun in the U.K. What a revelation! A soft roll, studded with dried fruit and topped with a dough cross. My roommates toasted them and slathered them in butter and served them with tea. Other days, we’d toast them and top them with marmalade and cheddar cheese. Yes, cheese! It was a magical time.

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