Hot cross bun season

Spring is on its way! My favorite harbinger of the season? Hot cross buns!

Hot cross buns

We bought a dozen of them from Panera, toasted them under the broiler, slathered them in butter and topped with sharp cheddar cheese (it’s a Yorkshire tradition). It brought back memories of my first Easter back in the U.K. 20 years ago (introduced to me by my former Yorkshire flatmate). Good times …


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  1. It’s probably one of those family traditions that’s been enforced on me since childhood, but I tend not to eat hot cross buns until Good Friday.

    In the UK they have been in the shops since Christmas. That’s just wrong!!!

  2. We have Easter eggs pretty much right after Christmas too

  3. Yum!

  4. i’ve never had a hot cross bun, but your description sounds absolutely, insanely delicious. cheese and butter? yum…

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