A savory take on French toast

Ah, sweet French toast dusted with powdered sugar. Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

French toast, to me, is a sweet affair. Maple syrup and powdered sugar are my go-to toppings. Not ketchup.

But Brits like their French toast savory, often topping theirs with Marmite, ketchup or brown sauce. I remember the first time one of my flatmates in Scotland made a traditional breakfast and included French toast, but this was a really simplified, stripped down version. No syrup, no powdered sugar. Just this white bread, dipped in egg with salt and pepper, and fried to a crisp golden brown and served with ketchup. I could barely mentally compute the concept, and then after trying it, I was pleasantly surprised.

Do you prefer your French toast savory or sweet?


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  1. I’m definitely with you on preferring my french toast sweet. Maple syrup or powdered sugar sounds delish. Fresh fruit sometimes too. I’ll save the ketchup for my eggs, potatoes or omu-rice. 🙂

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