Daily Archives: 9, July 2012

The joy of Pimm’s

Photo credit: Slate.com

With the temperatures rising and summer in full swing, I like to turn to my favorite summertime drink: Pimm’s and lemonade.

It sounds like I’m not alone. It is growing in popularity among Americans, according to the New York Times. Pimm’s is named after James Pimm, the bar owner who created it in the mid 1800s and it is a quintessentially British drink, particularly popular at Wimbledon.

As for the recipe, I usually just eyeball it. One part Pimm’s to three parts lemonade (I like the Santa Cruz brand organic sparkling lemonade but 7up will do) and then add slices of cucumber, oranges, apples, strawberries and fresh mint to the glass and serve over ice.

If you’re looking to buy a bottle of Pimm’s, Bevmo is a safe bet. I bought a bottle recently for $17.99, after trying three different grocery stores and worrying that I might end up Pimm’s-less.