Daily Archives: 5, July 2012

The world’s first watch cat is British

The toys in the warehouse of UK-based toy company Bandai are now safely being protected by Millie the cat. The story has been reported in several UK newspapers and I thought it was some sort of April Fools-style joke, but no. Behold, Millie! She’s not only the security detail at Bandai but ridiculously photogenic and looks adorable in cat clothes.

UK-based Bandai has employed the world’s first watch cat. Photo credit on all photos: Metro UK

Patrolling at night.

She’s apparently quite happy to patrol at night and is being paid in cat food and fish. Who needs a watch dog, when you can have Millie? Added bonus: She’s got nine lives.

I’m sure it will be turned into a Hollywood blockbuster in no time.

(Apologies for the cheese factor in this story…)