Shed of the year

It seems to me that the majority of American garden sheds are practical and purposeful. A place to store garden tools and bags of seed, pet food, bikes, paint cans, odds and ends. They’re strictly storage spaces and certainly not a place you’d want to spend any amount of time.

British sheds, on the other hand, are really places to dwell, have a cup of tea, read a book, listen to “The Archers” and maybe also store some odds and ends and a few little surprises.

Case in point: John Plumridge’s shed in Shrewsbury. From the outside, it looks like a pretty little garden shed.

Photo credit for all photos:

But inside, this awaits!

Check out all of the photos. It’s not surprising that he won the Shed of the Year award, which was presented last week.

And if you want to see some of the runners-up, here you go! Prepare to be inspired!


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