7 reasons

I found this on weheartit.com and it made me smile.

Yep, sounds right! Have a good weekend, all!


Posted on 13, April 2012, in British. Bookmark the permalink. 5 Comments.

  1. I dated a British guy for awhile (who me and my friends always called “The Brit”)…loved how he said “garage” and “aluminum.” 🙂

  2. Maybe I should consider moving to the States. Does being British elevate me a few leagues in the US?

    I’m booking my tickets to LA as we speak. Gonna bag me an aspiring actress who’s doing modelling work at the minute… It pays the bills, y’know how it is… But she’s gonna be big. She can feel it.

  3. Ally: Yes! I love the extra i in “aluminum”!

    Britter: Absolutely! That storyline in “Love Actually” where that very average British guy Colin goes to America and comes back with Denise Richards isn’t far from fiction.

  4. So you’re all into One Direction then?!

    • I’ve intentionally been avoiding them. I must listen this weekend (but will make sure to keep it out of earshot of the kids. They will love them if they sound anything like Justin Bieber).

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