Daily Archives: 2, April 2012

Bright, beautiful London living

When we lived in London over 10 years ago, we rented a tight little apartment (and by tight, I don’t mean “rad” or “awesome,” I mean tight.)

Don’t get me wrong. It grew on us and we loved it like you love a quiet and dependable relative that dons old kaftans, listens to a lot of Carly Simon and smells vaguely of a combination of mothballs and gyros.

And so it is with sheer awe that I viewed the latest house tour on Apartment Therapy – a five-bedroom, 2,250 square foot Edwardian home in West London. The space! The modern conveniences! The child-friendly yet decidedly urbane touches! And in green and leafy Chiswick to boot? Get out of town.

See more house pictures here.