Daily Archives: 12, April 2012

Dippy egg and soldiers

The Perfect Soldiers Toast Cutter makes the ideal soldier.

Last weekend — with our bountiful supply of Easter eggs — we had a simple Saturday supper of dippy eggs and soldiers.


Well, dippy eggs is British shorthand for soft-boiled eggs, still in the shell, with the top lopped off to make for easy dipping. The soldiers are simple buttered toast strips to dip into said egg. It is easy, simple comfort food. The kind of food you dig into after a warm bath, pajamas and maybe some retro episodes of  “Wonder Woman” or “The A-Team” on TV.

And for those who are insecure about their toast cutting ability, there is a Perfect Soldiers Toast Cutter, which cuts eight perfect soldiers.

PS. I should add that steamed asparagus also make perfect soldiers. More refined, but still every bit as delish.