All shook up

Bodmin - Before Earthquake

Bodmin - After Earthquake

An earthquake in Cornwall? Who knew?

Well, apparently they do happen – and one  struck  the town of Bodmin early Sunday morning, registering 2.2 and lasting a few seconds, according to news reports.

I’ve lived through quite a few earthquakes here in California, but can’t recall anything along a 2.2. It’s the kind of geologic activity that probably doesn’t make big news here and makes me realize that I really am a hardened Californian at heart. I can’t help referencing the earthquake scene in “L.A. Story.”


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  1. 2.2? I’ve been basically on TOP of the epicenter of a 3.0 and it was just a jolt. I didn’t think you could even feel a 2.2.

  2. Richter scale schmichter scale. It’s all about the g-force that the quake puts out. You can be ontop of a 7. But it can be miles deep! The quake in NZ last febuary was only a 6, but only a couple of km deep. And the force was greater than 2g – is it any wonder the city fell? It was like bouncing on a trampoline wrong!

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